Let the Mystery Be

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A friend and I had been talking about what we wanted chiseled on our headstones when we die (mostly this conversation consisted of wisecracks more than any sentimental morbidity) and, this morning in church, I thought about the song title “Let the Mystery Be” and what a fine epitaph that would be. The song is one by Iris DeMent, an artist I first listened to about 20 years ago. I knew she was coming to St. Louis soon and, when I got home, I looked up her website and found this beautiful bio statement. The way she describes songwriting and the need to wait, to listen for that voice, to know when the words and music are right, is so much like my experience with writing, I really could’ve cried. Check out the wisdom for yourself and be comforted. And let the mystery be.

Bio | Iris Dement.

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