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I admit it: sometimes, I do a Google search of my own name. You’d be surprised what you can turn up about yourself, especially if you’re a writer, flinging your work out there into the great, wide, literary dark hole. I’ve been lucky enough to find a person or two writing about my work and what they liked about it, but this is the first time that I’d discovered an entire podcast of people actually arguing about something I wrote. (This is not the first time I’ve had work be the subject of a podcast, though; Stephanie G’Schwind and the good people at Colorado Review sat down and discussed my first published story, “Animal Lovers,” on their regular program a few months ago.). Anyway, I was out there spelunking through the Internets when I stumbled onto this little gem. Even though all three of the hosts did not agree on the quality and meaning of my story, I still take it as an incredible compliment to have anything of mine pulled from the piles and piles of published work out there and carefully read and then discussed…for an entire hour! Anyway, if you’ve got some time on your hands and your phone handy, put in those earbuds and give the crew at Literary Roadhouse a listen. And drop them a line to tell them what an awesome job they are doing of keeping short fiction in the spotlight. Seriously, they’re doing us all a favor with this very thoughtful program.

Not From Here – Angela Mitchell – Literary Roadhouse Ep 33 — Literary Roadhouse.

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