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Continuing Education :: St. Louis Community College

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I’ve wanted to be in the college classroom for years–as a teacher, rather than a student–and tonight I’m getting my chance. This evening will begin my 4-week course, “Writing the Short Story” (Tuesdays at the Meramec campus from 7-9:30). On October 26, from 9am-2pm, I’ll be conducting a non-workshop course in which I will try to condense into a short, user-friendly format all those things I’ve learned about the writing world over the last 10 years or so. No prob, right? Uh, right. But, seriously, if you’re looking to sort your way through the maze of writing conferences, workshops, journals, online sources, MFA programs and more, then come join me. Sign up info is found through the link that’s right HERE:

Continuing Education :: St. Louis Community College.