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Vanessa Blakeslee’s Eight Most Anticipated 2018 Story Collections

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Full disclosure: Vanessa Blakeslee is a friend of mine and I’m a longtime admirer of her stories and novel. Her newest story collection, Perfect Conditions, was released this summer by Curbside Splendor and it is not to be missed. Here’s a description of what’s in store for readers: From the unforgiving surf of Costa Rica to hidden vineyards in the South of France, the stories in Perfect Conditions span the globe, and the characters often struggle to find control in unrelenting circumstances: a deep sea fisherman discovers he may not be allowed to return home when his contract expires; a young woman mourns the death of a dear friend she cannot save; a newlywed couple embark on a disastrous honeymoon. Unflinching stories from an award-winning writer.

It was really an honor for my own story collection, due out in October, to get a shout out from Vanessa in The Story Prize blog. Take a second to check out all her recommended selections.