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Photo on 2011-07-04 at 14.48 I really had the best of intentions when it came to this website. Last year, I was finishing my MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and, feeling ambitious, I thought I should focus on a little self-promotion. But as they say, I might have jumped the gun, put the cart before the horse, counted my eggs before they’d hatched…well, you get the idea. My focus over the last several months has, instead, been on my family and writing and, just for kicks, I threw a kitchen remodel in there. Nice. (Not really.)

But I’m here now and ready to roll (it doesn’t hurt that I am, today, sitting in the middle of a winter-storm-of-the-century and would rather blog than clean/organize/sanitize my house while held captive in it). Check out my bio and, if you’re curious about my professional life, click on my CV. If you’re looking for entertainment (however mild it may be), go to my readings page where you’ll find a link to a recent recording of me reading from a book chapter titled “Trade.” Previous readings have been at the Southern Women Writers Conference down in Rome, Georgia at Berry College (a conference that, sadly, will be no more due to budget cuts in Georgia), the Delta Symposium at Arkansas State University and the Louisville Conference for Literature and Culture over at the University of Louisville (I love Louisville, btw, and happily seek out excuses to visit there). Soon, my photos page will include more looks at the travel I have done over the last couple of years with my husband and mouthy, pre-teen boys. Traveling is a challenge for us, mostly because of our passel of pets: two, emotionally dependent orange tabbies; our dog, Trixie; and a half-dozen noisy parakeets (we started with two, but those two really, really like each other). Still, we take off on the open road (or the crowded, claustrophobic plane) whenever the schedule allows. The photos from Ireland are among my favorites and I think you’ll enjoy them, too. The colors and light of Ireland are ideal for taking great pictures, even by an amateur like me.

Lastly, drop me a line if you have questions. I have always loved having pen pals.

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